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IVT ground source heat pumps made in Sweden are one of Europe’s largest heat pump manufacturers with a wider range of products than any other manufacturer on the market. With over 30 years’ experience IVT has been at the forefront of heat pump design, achieving awards for many of its products. 

For a typical installation IVT heat pumps will achieve an approximate annual efficiency of 400% (Coefficient Of Performance – COP value of 4). Due to the higher water temperatures that IVT ground source heat pumps can achieve, they are well-suited to traditional and fan-assisted radiator heating circuits. They are also the perfect partner for underfloor heating where low flow temperatures can be used, thereby increasing the operating efficiency of the heat pump. The flexible design and sophisticated electronic controls IVT uses, means that for larger installations (eg. district residential heating systems or larger commercial projects) multiple heat pumps may be connected as a “cascade” system to meet the greater heat demand required. 

Radical Energy can design your installation as a stand-alone system or integrate it into an existing heating system.  The advantage of integrating an IVT heat pump into an existing system, such as a biomass, electric or fossil fuel boiler, is to allow the installation of a moderately-sized heat pump which will run efficiently throughout the year.  Only during periods of peak winter demand for heat will the back-up system operate to “top up” the heat demand.

Whether your application is small domestic or a large commercial district heating system, IVT ground source heat pumps have a product to suit your requirements. Our heating engineers can install a wide range of different ground collectors depending upon each site layout and ground conditions as given below:

  • Standard linear ground collector loop
  • “Slinky-type” ground collector loop
  • Compact collectors installed in vertical or horizontal orientations
  • Watercourse collectors
  • Boreholes drilled vertically into the ground (ground probe)

With an IVT ground source heat pump installation from Radical Energy you can have confidence in the knowledge your whole system has a design lifetime of 25 years. Please get in touch to discuss how a ground source heat pump can help you find a “green energy” solution to your heating needs.